Larissa Hummel


I always had some sort of critter growing up. As time went by, I realized I had a different understanding and passion towards them than other people and here we are today!

I joined Acadia Drive Animal Clinic in March 2016 and what I love about my job is there's a great feeling of satisfaction to know that you have helped an animal that can't help themselves. Knowing that your clients are happy and appreciate the work you do means the world.

In the veterinary medicine area, I'm interested in anything hands on. The job requires getting down and dirty sometimes and I'm not afraid to do it. But if I have to be specific, I'd say assisting in surgery.

My first pet is a black chihuahua named Spookie.

My favourite thing about Acadia Drive is that it's home away from home. We're a family.

Fun fact about myself? I've learned to play several instruments just by watching and listening to others, but I can't read music!


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