TA Saskia

Saskia de Jong

Technician Assistant

I grew up in remote northern Ontario where we had more bears and moose than we had people. I always had a natural connection with wildlife and no real fear. I was about five when I decided that I wanted to be a doctor but my interest in all things wildlife and knack for helping animals have always prevailed. At this point, I have had the chance to work with many types of domesticated animals like dogs, cats, cows and alpacas through to wild animals like snakes, dingos and sharks. I am still currently in school and awaiting entry into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

I started at Acadia Drive Animal Clinic as a volunteer in the spring of 2016. I was hired to work full time in December 2017 to fill in for one of the staff on maternity leave. I really enjoy assisting in and learning about all aspects of veterinary medicine; from nail trims through to surgery every animal and thus every case is very different. My main area of interest, however, lies on the surgical side of things but I am always keen to do and help with anything.

My first pet was a little black and white cat named Twinkle. We had her in northern Ontario. She was supposed to be a "mouser" but she was afraid of mice! A fun fact about myself is that I train for and race in long distance triathlon (Ironman) when I am not at work or in class! I also play the fiddle.


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