Liam Layton

Client Care Specialist

Liam Layton
Liam Layton Client Care Specialist

Liam was born in BC but moved to Calgary, AB, in 2004. His mom has worked in the Veterinary industry for over 36 years, so Liam has been surrounded by animals his whole life. He currently lives with 4 dogs, Dennis, Maggie, Link and Cash and his majestic Maine Coon Cat, Gandalf.

Liam started working at Acadia Drive in June 2020 to help out while we were short-staffed during COVID lockdown but loved it so much, he decided to stay! He is interested in all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially pets but really enjoys interacting with our clients and learning new things every day. He really likes the people he works with at Acadia Drive, and they all have a lot of fun doing what they love.

In his spare time, Liam works out with his brothers and is an avid gamer!

Fun Fact: Liam is a TWIN!