Sick dog laying down

Emergency Vet

We are not set up for emergencies at our hospital. If an emergency came in, we could certainly try to stabilize the patient for transport to an Emergency Clinic.

Where is your clinic located?

We are located in the SE quadrant of the city in the community of Willow Park.

Are you a 24-hour vet hospital?

No we’re not a 24-hour clinic.

Where is the closest emergency service animal hospital?

The nearest emergency hospital to us is the CARE centre, which is located at 7140 12 St SE (Deerfoot Meadows shopping area) Phone number is (403) 520-8387. There is also Fish Creek 24HR Pet Hospital, which is located at 15311 Bannister Road SE. Their phone number is (403) 873-1700.


Dental Health

The Importance of Proper Dental Consultations

Would you pay for subpar oral care? We do a full anesthetic dental cleaning nearly every day at the clinic.

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