We remain open to provide care for your pets. We are following the direction of government and regulatory authorities and have implemented hospital and visit protocols to keep both you and our team safe. For regular updates on our hours and visit protocols, please follow our social media platforms.

Dog Urinalysis

Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Urinalysis (collecting urine) is a routine test that helps us assess the health of the kidneys and bladder and to check for other health indicators such as glucose regulation and liver function. The colour of your dog’s urine can give us information about his hydration level, as well as any underlying disease. We will usually perform a urinalysis if your pet is showing any signs of urinary tract infections, i.e. straining to urinate, frequently urinating (with or without blood). If we perform bloodwork, we will always recommend a urinalysis too. Fecals (poop samples) allow our doctors to check your pet for intestinal parasites. We always need the freshest sample possible. By testing for these parasites, we can eradicate them, so your pup remains healthy.

Why are canine fecal examinations recommended yearly?

They are not in our clinic. They are recommended as needed for any issues that arise.

If my dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection, what can I do?

We will prescribe appropriate antibiotics to take care of that for them.


Dental Health

The Importance of Proper Dental Consultations

Would you pay for subpar oral care? We do a full anesthetic dental cleaning nearly every day at the clinic.

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COVID-19: Additional measures we are taking

Dear Clients,

Due to the close contact that our work requires, we have taken additional measures to protect you and our team while providing care for your furry family members.

Last updated: Monday, May 25, 2020

1. We are currently operating a "closed waiting room" policy to protect our clients and staff. When you arrive, please remain in your vehicle and use your cell phone to call us at 403-278-3168. We will bring your pet into the clinic for an examination with the veterinarian. The veterinarian will then call you to discuss our recommended treatment plan. After your appointment, a technician will return your pet to your car and take care of any needed medications and payment.

2. We can now see all cases by appointment only

3. We are still OPEN with the following hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

4. If you are ordering food or medications, please allow 2-4 business days as our suppliers are dealing with increased demand and are trying to fill orders as quickly as possible. We will advise you as soon as your order arrives. Please call us when you arrive to pick up your order, but do not enter the clinic. Our staff will bring your order to your car.

5. For the time being, we are not accepting cash as payment. Credit cards and debit card payments are still available.

6. Following the recommendations of our government and medical experts, we are doing our best to practice social distancing within the constraints of our jobs. We have taken these measures to avoid both contracting and facilitating the spread of this disease.

Thank you for helping us be diligent for everyone's safety. As we have heard from all levels of government, the situation is fluid, and any updates will be provided as changes occur.

- Your dedicated team at Acadia Drive Animal Clinic