Fecal Exam for Cats

Fecal examinations can reveal potential digestive issues from diarrhea to worms in the stool.

Fecals (poop samples) allow our doctors to check for intestinal parasites. We always require the freshest sample as possible. By testing for these parasites, if the test comes back positive, we can administer medication to eliminate them.

What is a cat fecal parasite screen?

A fecal parasite screen is a test that is done on a small sample of your cat’s stool (poop), which can detect if your cat is carrying any internal parasites.

What does a fecal parasite screen reveal?

Fecal test results may reveal the presence of common internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and/or giardia. Depending on which parasite is found, our doctors can prescribe the correct medication to help your cat rid themselves of these nasty critters!

How is a fecal parasite screen performed?

A small sample of cat’s stool will be collected and sent out to the lab. Here it will be examined under a microscope to see if any parasites, eggs etc. are living in your cat’s digestive tract.

What is the best method for collecting my cat’s stool?

Collect a small sample of your cat’s feces from his, her litterbox. Try to collect the most recent sample. We can provide you with a fecal container to collect it in.

How much does a cat stool test cost?

Contact our clinic for pricing.

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