Kitten Vaccinations

Safeguard your feline friend from harmful diseases with a vaccination plan.

Vaccinating kittens help boost their immune system and in turn, produce antibodies to help fight off infectious organisms before they have a chance to induce disease. This gives your kitten the best start in life.

When should kittens get their first vaccination?

Usually we start kitten vaccines between 7-8 weeks of age. We will also do a full wellness checkup at that time and deworm him/her too.

How often does my kitten need to be vaccinated?

Kitten vaccines are given at approximately 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks depending on the future lifestyle of your cat.

Does my kitten only need core vaccines?

If your cat is strictly an indoor cat and doesn’t have contact with other cats or animals outside of the house, core vaccines (with/or without rabies) is okay.

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